“Sarah Quintana is a hugely promising presence on the New Orleans music scene, a favorite singer who can deliver classic New Orleans jazz and French chanson with equal skill.”
—Tom McDermott


Sarah Quintana is a singer-songwriter from New Orleans with a background rich in jazz, folk and popular music. She is a charming performer, devoted guitarist and her voice is instantly recognizable. Quintana attended The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and received a CODOFIL heritage scholarship, which sent her to France as a teen. Quintana splits her time between the US and France, working alongside saxophonist Raphael Imbert, touring on her own repertoire with French and American musicians. Quintana is a member of the Pantheatre (Linda Wise and Enrique Pardo) as well as a hatha yoga instructor. In her latest studio recording, Miss River (Independent 2015), Quintana collaborates with Mark Bingham to pay homage to the strength and fragility of Louisiana’s traditions— and environment, the wetlands.

Quintana grew up in New Orleans where live music is ingrained many aspects of daily life. In 2010 she went from singing on the streets of Provence with a traveling circus, to the stages of the Jazz and Heritage Festival and later, the Lincoln Center with swing band The New Orleans Moonshiners. In 2012, Quintana was awarded an artist residency at A Studio in the Woods where she composed music with water. Since her residency, Quintana has decided to use her gifts to bring love and light to the gulf-coast and the world.


“The mythic Mississippi River and surrounding waters flooded my heart and my home to become the medium of my music and keeper of my hope in a place where we are literally sinking. In light of greater appreciation for who rivers are their songs, epic patience and never-ending love; I offer you my best and my latest— A collaboration with the Mississippi River, Miss River.”
—S. Quintana

“This completely novel, very tuneful and refreshing as rainfall collection really grows on you with repeated listening. Quintana is a great addition to New Orleans expression.”
— John Swenson, Off Beat Magazine Sept 2015