Sarah Quintana & Christophe Lampidecchia– Love Letters

Love letters from World War 2 set to music by Sarah Quintana, featuring the great Christophe Lampidecchia on the Accordeon.

Sarah Quintana and Christophe Lampidecchia’s duo, Love Letters, documents lives of every-day heroes and the loved ones who wrote to them, stories from the war told in their own words. And the interviews we have so far are amazing! From steamy love letters to mundane details, a day in the life in an Okinawa cantina and a Cabaret dancer in Paris— this project is beyond me, which is why I need your help.

Sarah Quintana and Christophe lampidecchia

We are asking for personal stories, we are raising money for a recording and archival filming with some of the last reaming survivors, who want their stories to be sung, culminating with special performances that celebrate these love letters, their writers and world peace. Thank you for being a part of this important memory work as take a look at the greatest generation for tips on how to write better love letters and be better citizens.

Sarah Quintana